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a whole website of fic...

hey, just joined this community and thought i'd share my website of backstreet (mainly nick) focused fan fiction with you guys.

it can be found here.

i seem to get the most recognizition for the cheese trilogy, but i'm personally a bigger fan of american classic and fallen past redemption, which is brand new and just posted last week. all my stories range from PG-13 (mainly for language) to R, but there's normally a warning for the stories that start get pretty harsh with the violence. the stories range from things i wrote when i was fourteen to now, five years later. i've been told you can really see how i've gotten better as a writer.

there are also appearances by other musicians in my stories. howie day has been popping up a lot lately, and this new guitar boy, ryan cabrera, pretty much has a large supporting roll in all of my more recently started stories. i'm also currently working on a series of short stories that will feature john mayer and other guys such as him. and yes, all these stories do have nick (if not all the backstreet boys) in them as well.

my fiction is part of a larger site called "Sanity Fiction"", but my partner in crime has become very busy and has decided to take a break from the fic world. she's a really good writer as well, but like i said, she's not updating anything right now.

so if you're interested, check out some of my stuff and tell me if you like it or not. :)

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